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Join us as we worship the LORD and continue our journey through the greatest Song of all time! While laboring with Christ in the harvest field the bride declares that she desires to show no restraint in her public affection for Him. She wants her love to be public and she has no shame in that! And after finishing her work in the harvest field she desires to bring Christ with her as she goes back to the city/church. She will be an agent of change as she rests in the embrace of her lovely Jesus who is the Chief among ten thousand! (Song 8:1-4).

After listening to Christ's wondrous declarations over her, the bride invites Christ to go with her into her work in the vineyard (Song 7:11-13). The Church knows that without Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5). We know that we regularly need to invite Christ into every aspect of our life. To honor His presence! To rely on His grace! And to experience His love! And when we do that our work is faithful and fruitful! Join us as we worship the LORD and continue our journey through the Greatest Song of All Time!

After Christ spoke glowingly about the church’s beauty and His intention to fully embrace her with His love, the church in turn declared, “I am my beloved’s, And his desire is toward me” (Song 7:10). We are meant to grow to that place where we fully “know and believe” the love God has for us (1 John 4:16). Where we are thoroughly convinced of the holy, good, and infinite thoughts He thinks about us (Jer. 29:11; Ps. 139:17-18). This is where the Greatest Song of All Time has always meant to take us. Into the very depths of the passionate and strong love of the Divine Lover! To the place of confidence and assurance in that LOVE! Join us as we worship.

Join us tonight as we continue our study on the Nicene Creed. We will be looking at the importance of confessing the resurrection, ascension, seatedness, and second coming of Christ. The resurrection is the foundation on which our faith rests. “If Christ is not risen, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins” (1 Corinthians 15:17). The ascension, seatedness, and second coming speak of the Risen Christ’s reign through the church age. Through you and me! Anchoring these four truths in our life is transformational!

Join us as we worship and continue our journey through the Greatest Song of All Time. In chapter seven we see Jesus extol the bride’s beauty, character, and strength for the third time in the Song. She is even given a new title: 'Prince’s Daughter'. The church is royalty! The bride's features in this chapter especially declare how our identity enables us to be a blessing to others around us! Be encouraged! The LORD views you in a way far beyond your greatest imagination!

Join us as we continue our journey through the Nicene Creed and the fundamentals of the faith. Christ on the cross is first and foremost something that He endured FOR US. It is an atoning sacrifice, a ransom for many, it delivers us from this present evil world, and the blood shed on the cross cleanses us from all sin. But it is also something that we are called to share in. To imitate Christ, pick up our cross daily, and to suffer for His sake.

Join us as we continue our journey through the Greatest Song of All Time. At this point in the Song, as the bride is self-introspective and meditating on all the LORD had just spoken over her, her soul becomes like the mighty chariot of Amminadab. She becomes a general in the LORD’s army doing the LORD’s work! After that, she performs "the dance of the two armies.” The dance of the human and angelic armies! Let our souls be made like the chariots of Amminadab today as we meditate on our LORD and let us praise and dance before Him with all the angels of heaven!

How do I know Jesus loves you? The Bible tells me so! In Song of Songs 6 Jesus gives a powerful speech about how He views His bride. He is head over heels in love with her and he describes how she is without compare! She is beautiful like Jerusalem and at the same time astonishingly frightful like a mighty army! Her beauty has not fades even in the midst of her failures! Join us as we worship the LORD and experience the ever constant love of our LORD.

"I am my Beloved's, and He is mine." This is the heartfelt declaration of the bride of Christ after experiencing persecution and a night time season of the soul. After declaring the glories of Christ she realized that He was always with her! What an important truth to have imprinted on our heart! We are Christ’s by the Father’s gift (John 17:6). We are Christ’s because He has purchased us with His blood (Acts 20:28). We are Christ’s by marital union (Romans 7:4). We Christ’s by our own surrender and consent (Romans 12:1). Join us as we worship the LORD and dive deep into these glorious truths!

Join us as we continue our series on the Nicene Creed. What can the virgin birth teach us about our salvation? What can Mary teach us about the Christian life? Why is it so important to confess that Christ was born of the Holy Spirit AND the virgin Mary?

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